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Moving can be a time consuming and tedious task that takes a lot of energy and money throughout the packing, loading, and relocation process. However, the financial protection of the items being moved is often overlooked and disregarded by many people. Despite the fact that hundreds of people find themselves left with damaged goods following a move, most consumers still feel that they don't really need to pay for the extra coverage. Insurance is highly recommended when moving, for this exact reason, and choosing the right insurance company that offers the best policy that meets your requirements is paramount no matter where you might be moving with help from nationwide moving companies. Anything can happen to items when movers transport them from one location to another; don't put your goods at risk by skipping your right to acquire more insurance.

Movers Valuation

Every legitimate discount moving company is required to be liable to a limited extent for the items that they are transporting. This limited liability is known as valuation, and it will provide some coverage for your goods, but that coverage is not even close to what the replacement costs might be if you had to repair or replace your goods due to damage. You are able to purchase a higher level of coverage from the moving companies for a fee, but you need to know that even this higher level of valuation might not cover things that are of higher dollar amounts. Instead of providing a blanket of coverage, each pound of your shipment is assigned a dollar amount. This is the reimbursement you will get if something is damaged, which means that something light, yet expensive to replace, may only net you a few dollars if damaged.

Traditional Insurance

While most people seem to think that the movers valuation is enough to cover what they are moving, if you have something that is not easily and cheaply replaced, you might want to take a look at traditional insurance policies. Consumers can find such policies through traditional insurance companies, but experts recommend that people should turn to whomever provides homeowners insurance first. Often, there is a simple rider that can be added to a policy that you already have which can cover your goods with the same homeowner's coverage when they are being transported to a new home. This is the best way to provide the highest level of protection for the things that you will be handing over to the moving company on moving day. Unlike movers valuation, this coverage will offer a traditional policy that will cover things more efficiently, especially if you have goods that cannot be readily repaired or replaced.

Special Circumstances

Sometimes, there are people who need to move items that are worth a lot or that cannot be replaced at all. For antiques and other such goods, it is important that consumers opt for special policies that will guarantee coverage of these goods. Again, don't leave this up to the movers valuation. While valuation might be helpful for situations where people are moving everyday goods, covering expensive and one of a kind items requires special consideration. Make sure that you contact your insurance company or a specialty moving insurance company to insure these things to the fullest extent possible. The last thing that you want is to end up at your new home without recourse when your antiques and other irreplaceable goods arrive damaged.

Insurance is Key

Taking advantage of the insurance policies available at the onset of moving will allow for an easy and hassle free process. Moving insurance should not be just pushed aside or forgotten; if you are relocating to a new home, you absolutely need to have insurance coverage. While this time in your life is going to be hectic and problematic, especially if you have a big family, acquiring moving insurance will go a long way to giving you all the peace of mind that you need to really make moving stress free. When you know your things are covered, you don't have to worry about dealing with damages on the other end. So take a moment when you first begin to plan out your move and find out how simple stress free moving can be.