Five Important Things to Include on the Moving Checklist

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Five Important Things to Include on the Moving Checklist

While a moving checklist is a very important tool for your move, there are many people that simply do not know how to build or use one. There are so many different things that could be included, and many people see the checklist becoming too long and overwhelming instead of helpful. It is up to you to know what you want to include on your own list, but here are five of the most commonly included items on any checklist. Make sure to include these if they apply in your situation.

Doctor Visits

One of the most commonly needed and sometimes overlooked items that should be included on the moving checklist is doctor checkups and visits. Each member of the family should have an appointment to visit with the doctor before the move, allowing each member to get ahold of their own medical records, as well as getting refills of needed medication. This will give you time to find new doctors in your new city, state, or town without having to rush. Make sure that you include the family pets in this part of checklist.


Unless you have hired a service to pack for you, you need to think about packing your things. This should be included on the moving checklist because it can take quite a large chunk of time. In cases such as these, make sure to note each day that you will be working on this task and when you plan on being finished with it.

Goodbye Parties

Especially if you have kids in the home, you need to set aside time for them to say goodbye to their friends. It is usually a good idea to have some sort of definitive goodbye party where each of the friends can sign a book with their email addresses so that everyone can stay in touch. While it may be unlikely that these kids remain in touch far into the future, you would be surprised at how much easier it will be on your child.

Moving Day

Do not forget to include moving day on your moving checklist. This is a very important aspect of the move, and some people view it as too big to include on the list. You should make sure to include it because it will be a big event requiring the help of anyone involved in the relocation. It will also need to be scheduled in advance, so it is always a good idea to write everything down on a paper so you can see the big picture.


Don’t forget to include things that will be happening after moving day. This includes things like a walkthrough of your home or apartment that you are moving out of. You will have to turn the keys over to the new owners, and you need to make sure that the home is not damaged and does not need any holes filled. This is important, as it is the closing moment on the old life, and the opening moment for the new.

As you can see, there are many different aspects to your move, and the moving checklist can help you get each one of them straight. Having things written out will give you a map of the move, which can really help you overcome stress and other problems that might sneak up along the way.


Don’t let a complex relocation get you down. Make sure to use our helpful moving tips and moving guide to help you find your way. Print out a moving checklist to help you prepare and plan for the big day. Get moving quotes for both local as well as interstate movers.

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