Three Things (You Didn't Think Of) That Make Moving Day Simple

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If you are facing the need to move to a new home, you will soon find many things fighting to gain your attention and focus. While everything is important, there will inevitably be some things that end up taking more of your time and energy, leaving some things to be forgotten. At the same time, these simple things that are often overlooked in the chaos can have profound effects on the overall move. For those who are seeking the simplest methods of moving, moving day presents one of the biggest problems. It will be the most hectic and chaotic of all days associated with the move, so make sure that you take these three things into account. Most people forget about these things until it is too late, which has an effect on making things more difficult on everyone, so make a note and ensure that these three things are not lost in the chaos of your coming move.

Preparations of the Home

Because you are so busy packing and getting things ready to be transported out of your home, you might have forgotten about the fact that your home itself needs to be prepared for moving day as well. Remember, you have sold your home or you have to present the keys to your landlord and you want the home to be in good condition when you do. As such, having national movers who accidentally bang up the walls or dirty the carpet can be problematic. You can avoid these problems though; simply make it a point and include time in your moving schedule to handle home prep on a day that is close to moving day. Preparations can include things like covering the carpets, padding door frames, and putting down boxes so that hardwood floors don't suffer any damage.

Preparations for the Movers

Another thing people often forget when they are getting ready for moving day is the preparations that should be made for the movers themselves. Most moving jobs take the majority of the day, so you can imagine how tired, thirsty, and hungry your moving professionals might be. In order to combat fatigue, make the process go a little bit faster, and gain the respect of the movers who are working for your, consider offering lunch or at least have some snacks and drinks on hand. Water is the best, but you might also want to have some bottles of fruit juice or other beverages on hand as well. Make sure that you have these things on hand for moving day; you don't want to leave your home to pick anything up when the movers are actually working inside. While you are at it, make sure that you have tip money as well; most moving company professionals are not going to take a check.

Preparations for Your Kids and Pets

In the chaos of planning, most parents of both kids and animals forget that moving day is going to be hectic enough without having to deal with a small one under foot. Therefore, it is a good idea to prepare your children and animals by planning on having someone else watch them for moving day. Make sure to add moving with pets or kids to your moving checklist. You don't want your pets to get out while things are being moved into the moving truck, and you don't want any of your children to get hurt either. Instead of keeping them in the house, consider a day of care from a neighbor or family member in the area. Even if they cannot take your child or pet to their home, if they can come and watch them at your home in an already empty room of the home, it would be helpful.

Thinking Things Through

Perhaps the biggest thing that you can do to reduce stress when it comes to moving day is plan ahead. You don't want to worry about lots of little things when you are faced with a job as big as moving. Therefore, take some time ahead of the move and set things up. If you do so thoroughly, you can be sure that moving day won't be quite as hectic as you thought that it might have been.