Choosing a Good Moving Company

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Top Ten Tips on How to Choose a Good Moving Company

  1. Use a moving company that has a positive reputation around your area. Check with local organizations that regulate businesses for quality and see which moving companies have clean records.
  2. Use moving services that have good equipment. Broken down looking trucks can be an accident waiting to happen, either with your stuff or their equipment. Try to avoid movers that have poor equipment.
  3. Use moving services that will go where you need them to be. Check with a mover to ensure that they'll be willing to drive your stuff to your destination.
  4. Ensure your movers can be on time. Many moving companies have poor on-time records, meaning you can be left waiting for hours for them. Confirm your scheduled time 24 hours before as a friendly reminder.
  5. Choose a moving company that can pack some of your stuff. Some movers will take the extra step of wrapping, padding, or boxing small items. It can save you stress.
  6. Use moving companies that are recommended by friends. If you know someone who has moved recently, ask if their service was acceptable.
  7. Use movers that don't require you to move stuff beforehand. Many movers will tell you that you must get all of your belongings on the ground floor or on the front lawn or they won't move them. Check on this policy.
  8. Don't use a newer moving company if you can avoid it. Most new moving companies are inexperienced and have a better chance of not having adequate insurance to cover something should they break it.
  9. See the movers in action, on another person's stuff first. Find out a location that they will be working at and observe them. Sometimes, you can make a better decision as to whether or not to hire them.
  10. Don't choose movers based on name. Some moving companies are well established with a notable name but aren't up to par. Others have generic names but can be great services.


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