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It is not an easy task to engage a moving company. With so many Moving Companies out there, it can be quite difficult to choose the right company for your needs. You would think that you could get the job done by just calling a few companies that are listed in the relevant section in the yellow pages, but it is not as easy as it sounds.

There are many companies specialized as Local Movers , home movers, furniture movers, piano movers. You can make your choice from these specialized companies depending on the articles that you are planning to move.

Now we have to look into the costs involved in hiring a moving company. Different moving companies have varying pricing mechanisms. It is a common practice among moving companies to generate different price quotations for similar service jobs. Dialing through the list of moving companies available in your area is time consuming and more often that will leave you puzzled as to which company you should go with. You have to be particularly careful about some dodgy moving companies who give you low moving quotes initially but pile on extra charges after you have signed the dotted line in the contract.

All we would require from you is some basic details about your logistics needs. Once the information is entered you will be sent free estimates about the prices and other important terms and conditions from local moving companies who are best suited to serve your requirements. With the help of 123, finding great Ohio Moving Companies is no longer a difficult task.

OHIO State Facts

Ohio, also known as the buckeye state, is one of the few Great Lakes states in the country. The capital of the state is Columbus, which is also the largest city. The most populated metropolitan area, however, is located in the Cleveland area.

The state is the 34th largest in the country according to land area. It covers 44,000 square miles and is just about a perfect square. The state is both 220 miles wide as well as 220 miles long. 8.7 percent of the state consists of water.

The highest point in the state is known as Campbell Hill. This hill rises to only 1,555 feet above the sea level. The lowest point in the state is found at the Ohio River, which sits at 455 feet. The average height for the state is less than a thousand feet above sea level.

The whole state falls within the Eastern Time zone. English is not the official language, but it is the most widely spoken language in the state. People who live here are known as Ohioan or Buckeyes.

Ohio was not declared an actual state until August 7th, 1953. On this date, the state was declared retroactively to March 1, 1803, which made it the 17th state in the country.

The state has an official website online at

Moving to Ohio

Ohio is a thriving state. With its vast open spaces, unique landscape, and technological areas, there is no shortage of things to do and see. Traditions in the state stem back decades, and it is not uncommon to see things from other times. History is held in high regard in the state, and you will learn a lot when you move here.

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